Quietly Building Wealth

Focus Asset Management is an independent, privately owned investment management firm, founded in 2009. We manage segregated portfolios and pooled funds of public equities, fixed income, securities, and private investments for high net worth individuals, families, and foundations. Our team of professionals has managed investment portfolios through the most turbulent periods during the last 30 years, and for decades we have helped our clients navigate across a wide range of wealth management needs. We are passionate and single-minded about managing our clients’ wealth and believe that their experience pervades everything we do.

30 Years Experience

Managing portfolios in turbulent and calm markets

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Asset Management

In segregated portfolios and pooled funds to meet individual objectives

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Wealth Planning

To help solve complex issues related to managing and protecting wealth

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Wealth Planning

For decades we have collaborated with our clients and their professional advisors, helping to solve complex issues in the world of wealth planning and management. We can also provide access to experienced professionals to provide a wide range of advice and services related to managing and protecting wealth.

Educational Seminars

Education and open dialogue are cornerstones in an effective wealth management and wealth transfer plan, and equally important to more tangible estate planning and wills. Because we’re passionate about helping our clients and their family members get it right, we host various educational seminars for next generation family members and spouses, all centered around topics ranging from the basics of asset management to understanding how an estate plan works.

Estate Planning & Wills

Estate plans can be straightforward or involve multiple holding companies, family trusts with numerous beneficiaries, and multiple tax jurisdictions. Changes in family circumstances, tax laws, family laws, and personal financial circumstances often lead to a need to revisit estate plans and wills. We can provide introductions to experienced lawyers at established law firms that are structured to match various situations.

Income Tax Planning, Preparation & Filing

Integrating personal tax planning with a business or holding company, and managing the various elements of annual tax preparation and filing across personal and business entities can be complicated. This often requires working with a firm that is the right fit for your situation and has the experience to match your needs.

Residential Real Estate Advisory

Downsizing from a larger underutilized property into a more manageable owned or leased residence can lower ongoing expenses, reduce property maintenance, and provide a source of additional capital. We have access to an experienced and professional team to discuss credible options along with the impact on operating and capital budgets.

Life Insurance for Philanthropy & Estate Planning

Life insurance can often be used as a planning tool to efficiently transfer accumulating wealth in future years to a meaningful cause, a university or other institution, or next generation family members.

Small Business Dispositions

Before a merge or sell decision is determined, we can help determine the best fit with a potential advisor ranging from a large global firm to a more targeted approach with a boutique advisory. Personal tax planning related to business ownership and corporate structure is also an important consideration for many years in advance of contemplated divestiture.