Diversification is key to strong portfolio performance – it helps eliminate short-term volatility and supports the delivery of long-term returns.

Jeff Hales

Benefits of Asset Class Diversification

Individual asset class perform differently from each other, with some rising as others fall. Asset class diversification lets you increase your odds of success and reduce negative consequences by spreading the risk across different types of investments.

Traditional Mix of Stocks and Bonds

  • Large weighting in low-yield asset class
  • Excessive portfolio volatility
  • Limited flexibility to meet portfolio objectives

Multiple Asset Class Mix

  • Reduced portfolio volatility
  • Similar returns, with increased certainty
  • The ability to customize for conservative, growth, and high-growth preferences

Our ESG Perspective

Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) considerations are an important part of our portfolio management decision making and an influence on our firm’s culture.

Focus is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

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We will consistently consider and integrate relevant ESG issues in the selection, management, and monitoring of investments and we will incorporate ESG considerations into investment committee discussions.

Our clients’ financial well being will remain our primary focus and mission – ESG considerations will be complementary and peripheral to this overall mandate.

Active participation

We incorporate ESG considerations into our own operations and practices. Our corporate culture is anchored on inclusive practices and we encourage diversity of thought and perspectives.

  • We maintain strong governance principles across our Board and leadership team. We are a performance-based organization, and this factor influences our decisions.
  • Annually, we will continue to solicit feedback and perspectives from our entire team regarding the relevance of ESG to each employee, the services we offer, and the clients we serve.
  • We take a sustainable finance approach and have processes that ensure that ESG factors are considered when making investment decisions.

Constantly Informed

We will continuously expand our knowledge of ESG factors, industry standards, and emerging ESG trends. We will also actively revisit our ESG approach in terms of how much ESG contributes to our mission and purpose as a firm.


We will encourage the development of ESG standards, disclose our own ESG activities to clients and other stakeholders, and seek appropriate disclosure of ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.