Why Invest In Real Assets?

Infrastructure and Real Assets includes:

  • Renewable power, toll roads, pipelines, airports, data centres, cellphone towers
  • Real Estate – land and commercial properties including apartment buildings, office buildings and warehouses
  • Farmland
  • Commodities
  • Precious Metals

Enhanced Returns

Less efficient markets, high barriers to entry, specialized knowledge / expertise requirements, longer holding periods (“illiquidity premium”).

Lower Volatility

Predictable cash flow streams given stable demand (essential goods and services), contracted revenues, fixed/regulated returns.

Inflation Protection

Limited supply and/or relatively fixed costs drive higher prices, revenues and intrinsic value during periods of inflation; many infrastructure contracts have built-in inflation linkages


Low correlation with financial assets.

Investment Strategies

We offer a diverse mix of investment strategies across multiple asset classes. An investment portfolio can be customized to meet your specific financial targets, volatility tolerance, and liquidity preference.