We focus on individual and family relationships as opposed to institutions. We judge our success on absolute returns, not relative returns, and on our clients’ experience in their life-long wealth planning and management journey. Above all, preservation and long-term growth of capital is our key priority.  Our team has consistently adhered to a value-based, time-tested investment philosophy for decades.

Our core values include:

Earn and Sustain Trust

We believe that trust is fundamental and integral to all good relationships. Achieving trust requires integrity, honesty, ethical behaviour and sound judgement. We cultivate trust with clients by ensuring that their best interests guide all of our actions and decisions.

Aligned with Clients

We are personally aligned with the long-term success of our clients. Our team is heavily invested alongside our clients. No individual at Focus utilizes an outside investment manager. By design, we share the same investment risk and reward together with our clients.


Independent ownership translates into independent thought, not “institutional think.” We have no institutional conflicts-of-interest or competing priorities. We serve only our client base. Independent ownership promotes alignment with the best interests of our clients. We work with talented professionals, helping our clients navigate complex issues in the world of wealth management and we do so without referral fees because we strongly believe in our independence.

Relationship Oriented

We enjoy knowing our clients on a personal level. Building strong client relationships is essential to us because it makes us better investment managers and helps us better understand your entire wealth planning needs. Meaningful relationships, underpinned by trust, are crucial when contending with the ups and downs of the markets.


We love what we do. Our days are stimulating and challenging. We are passionate about learning, finding great investments, solving complex wealth management-related issues, and communicating with our clients and their families.


To us, successful investing means buying something for less than what it is worth. Often, that means investing in something that is out-of-favour and unpopular. To achieve superior long-term investment returns, we must think and act differently than the crowd.

Disciplined and Patient

Our value-focused contrarian investing style requires discipline and patience working together. Discipline mitigates downside risk while patience ensures that we wait for the right opportunities to emerge.

Steady Temperament

Due to the manic nature of the stock market, in our view, successful investment management requires a steady temperament. This enables investment managers, who seek to understand and manage their own emotions, mental states and biases, to make sound decisions.