Enhanced Income

  • Generate long-term, tax-efficient returns in a low-volatility portfolio of stocks and fixed income securities, positioned for higher monthly income generation
  • Equities represent 35-60% of portfolio weight and consists of 25-35 dividend-yielding stocks
  • Fixed income is a mixture of bonds and preferred shares
  • Receive monthly income
  • Managed in a pooled fund or segregated account structure


Targets long-term appreciation with low volatility through a combination of capital gains, dividends, and interest income in a portfolio of stocks, combined with holdings of less volatile bonds.

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Core Equity

Targets long-term appreciation through capital gains and dividends in a portfolio of stocks, each with meaningful capital appreciation potential.

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Performance Equity

Seeks absolute returns in excess of equity market returns in a concentrated portfolio of 10 to 15 of our highest-conviction stocks.

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